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White Lake, NC 28337

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The Hartis House
74 Sycamore Drive
 (Off White Lake Drive)

White Lake, NC 28337

$1,616.25 Per Week
Taxes Included


The Yellow Hartis House has five bedrooms, 2 baths, with a maximum occupancy of 12-15. Bedroom 1 has three double beds. Bedroom 2 has one double bed and one twin bed.  Bedroom 3 has one queen bed. Bedroom 4 has three double beds.  Bedroom 5 has one double bed.  There are 2 kitchens (opposite ends of house) equipped with a refrigerator, stove, microwave, and small appliances.  Each sitting area has a TV w/cable. A charcoal grill is provided for your enjoyment.  NO MORE THAN 4 CARS, NO PIG COOKERS, NO PETS!!

There is a private pier available for use, DO NOT USE THE COMMUNITY PIER. 

Looking at House from Street

Bathroom 1

Sitting/Dinning Area
Road Entrance

Kitchen 1
Road Entrance

Bedroom 1

 Bedroom 2

Bath at end of Hallway

Looking down Hallway from Bath

Bedroom 3 off Hallway

Bedroom 4 off Hallway

Bedroom 5 off Hallway

Kitchen/Dining Area facing Water

Sitting Area Facing Water

Looking at House From Water

Looking at Water From House

Community Pier